What is Theraphi? – Theraphi™

What is Theraphi? – Theraphi™


Theraphi is a powerful double conjugate plasma light/ infrasound bioactive field.

The actual plasma tube arrangement used for this ‘time reverse/rejuvenation’ conjugation is depicted with remarkable accuracy in the Egyptian stone carving, It is phase conjugate, centripetal , negentropic.

This kind of strong charge field is by definition simply the electrical opposite of swelling, cyst and tumor growth. It IS this charge distribution efficiency perfected by definition- which is the electrical opposite of cancer. Theraphi – usually generates strong feelings of being energized, metabolic acceleration, circulation and sensation increase.

It is obvious that charge circulation optimized clearly facilitates blood and nerve circulation optimized. In disease cases of many types- there are many early reports of very significant benefit. These are being replicated now by medical professionals. Not just anti-swelling etc- it is also known for increasing circulation and sensation in areas where these have been limited or lost. With proven frequency emissions known and measured- it uses a high voltage version of a special aligned plasma lamp pair- to stimulate.

However- since it accelerates metabolism and heart rate- and brings sacral cranial spine liquid pumping to still point (turning point for healing in many cases), etc. we recommend modest 3 minute sessions. (The experience generally means you will NOT be sleepy for quite a while). In a large number of cases there is also a feeling of bliss/ euphoria introduced.

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