The Resistance-DJedi Knight, Godfather of a Moment in Time and Space – HuffingtonPost

Kemetic Djedi warrior
Khemetic Djedi Warrior


There is an intergalactic war going on between opposing forces. And you don’t have to go to the cineplex to see it in December. It’s here now. It is always “here”. These forces are outside the constructs of man made time and place. They are simultaneously within and outside the constructs of galaxies and black holes. Energies are either positive or they are negative. We are constantly building, tearing down and transforming the constructs of those energies with our being. Everything is ultimately a binary charge between Fear and Love. Which are you?

Yes, there are dark lords who have mastered their dark heavy craft sitting high upon world structures of finance, negative power and politics. In fact, you might say, they aren’t all that dark. They appear in the light. They hate nearly everything around them – loyalists, allies, friends, enemies. They love the maintenance of their power – at all costs. To look at them, you will see serious eyes formed by shadows; brows heavy with the constructs of worry and hatred. You will see lumpy bodies formed by greed and avarice. You will see hulking frames of these little men on devices saying they own the world. They are brash, trying to convince and connive. Are they really bold though? Or, are they cowering in the edifices they sought to enlarge them? See, these power structures are merely facades. They are simply a matrix.

Matter of fact, there are two matrixes. One is the real matrix and the other is a fake matrix. We have unplugged from the energies of nature – the trees, the sun, insects, birds singing, the musical symphonies of water cascading into other bodies of waters and renewing itself over and over and over again. There is a system outside the system of MSNBC, Fox, Democrats, Republicans, i-Thou, iPhone, stock markets and the constructs of learning and existence on this man made system of things. It is infinite. It is the real world. It is the air that we breathe. So, take a closer look. In the air that we breathe, are the elements that have been traveling the cosmos for millennium. Elemental composites of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen – the elemental composites of our bodies and earth. But there are also elements as germanium, nickel, uranium and sulfur – elements on the periodic chart with the chemical composition of Ge, Ni, U and S.

Yes, wake up all of your geniuses. The Resistance is in fact, the new system coming into its own. We are only beginning.