“Making America Great Again”? TRUMP 2024

“Making America Great Again”? TRUMP 2024

What’s The Real Reason They Don’t Want Critical Race Truth (CRT) Taught In Schools?

The history of lynchings in the United States is a dark and depraved chapter marked by racial terrorism and injustice. It’s important to approach this topic with sensitivity and understanding the harm it inflicts on various communities… NOT!.. I will forgo the sensitivity part and speak the truth that does not come back void. Europeans have been cursing melanated peoples mentally, physically, and spiritually for a very very long time it is now Judgment Day.

Why no CRT for YT?…

That’s actually a multi-layered question with, a multi-layered answer: Firstly the multi-layered simple answer; Displays of Cruelty for public consumption is a European thing (Hello Inquisition). To understand this you must pull back and look at the hole picture. Their ancestors  come from an extremely narcissistic society, a society where contempt is a virtue.  The history of Europe can be seen in the common default prevailing frequency of its inhabitants. It is one of aggression, one of war and one of contempt for your neighbor. They’ve been killing each other since the get.  Old Europe is a culture of death made so by the ghost face Gothic gods who have penetrated them. These gods feed on pain and suffering that is brought on by conflict. It is for this reason why they love it so and is  still going on today. They’re also trying to make philosophical statements with a; Nod and a “nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more” to their co-criminal patriots. They had to kill to survive, So, they see themselves as conquerors even though they didn’t conquer anything disease and pestilence did most of the conquering in places they went. This kind of societal  environment is a petri dish for narcissism. One of the more interesting things about a narcissists; they are usually hiding something profoundly shameful. By making philosophical statements in a contemptuous way, they hope to divert attention from themselves thereby seeming like a virtuous protector, the good guy, the guy that will save us all from the horrible native creatures of this planet. The white man holds himself and the entire planet in contempt. this contempt manifests itself in a profound insecurity about himself and his inherent shortcomings.

The next major reason why White America don’t like or want Critical Race Truth (CRT) is; A lot of the perpetrators are still alive. They are sitting in retirement living off the fat of the land their forefathers stole, murdered and raped to attain. To this day in 2024 there is no inquiry, no lawsuits, no meaningful atonement, just more contemptuous and evasive posturing. Well, lets wake up mandamus on all levels…

America is filled with part and fulltime Douche-avellians (the O.G. criminals). Until these people and there descendants are made to pay for their sins and brought to Justice there will be no peace in the streets or soul of the European American white male and his female accomplice. All the sins of History weight heavily on their souls one can see it in their movements,  one can see it in the physical and mental development. they are truly cursed mentally physically and spiritually. Also, they’re  afraid that their grandkids will recognize them in the photos of the study materials and be horrified that Grandpa and Grandma went to BBQs where people of color (POC) were on the menu. Look at these Neanderthals in the photos. They are a product of questionable mating practices having a “Good Old Time this is what they call;  “Making America Great Again”. 

Here’s a brief overview, focusing on factual information. Lynchings emerged during the era of slavery as a tool of racial control and intimidation, primarily targeting enslaved people and later freed Blacks. Following the Civil War and Reconstruction, lynchings became even more widespread, particularly in the South, as white supremacist groups aimed to suppress Black political and social gains. Lynchings always involved brutal public torture and murder, often without legal repercussions. Motivations ranged from enforcing racial hierarchies and maintaining segregation to silencing dissent and expressing hatred.

Thousands of people, predominantly Black men, were lynched in the United States, with estimates ranging from 4,743 to over 6,500 between 1877 and 1950. However, the true number is likely even higher due to underreporting and lack of official records.
The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s challenged the practice of lynching, leading to federal legislation and increased public awareness. While lynchings have significantly decreased, they haven’t entirely vanished, It’s still going on today in the Donald Trump Era.

It’s crucial to remember that lynching isn’t  just about individual acts of violence. It is about a systemic form of terror used to suppress and marginalize an entire population. Recognizing this history is essential to understanding the mindset and the psychosis of middle America aka Christian fundamentalism aka MAGA country. Yes, they called themselves Christians. They worship a martyred black man on Sundays and that same day take their kids to a  BBQ lynching of a black man where they would collect souvenirs such as; Post Cards and Body Parts….And yet want to be seen and are often treated as respectable members of society. That’s either delusional psychosis or inherent evil… YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!…LOL!