The Wes Penre Papers

The Vedic Texts The Fifth Level of Learning INTRODUCING THE FIFTH LEVEL OF LEARNING: IMPORTANT OVERVIEW!   I. When We Thought It Was All Over… I know what you’ll think! At first, I was determined there were only going to be two levels of learning—that should be more than enough to cover everything. However, it…Read More

Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

Collected Works of the WingMakers • There is no space more sacred or powerful than another. • There is no being more spiritual than another. • There is nothing more divine than another. • There is no tool or technique that accelerates the unfoldment of consciousness. • There is no truth that can be written,…Read More


Benefits of having melanin Better protection against ultraviolet rays Reduces the risk of skin cancer Supports fertility health Helps to prevent folate depletion. Folate is vital for fertility and fetal development. Supports many metabolic processes in the body. Helps in the prevention of serious neurological disorders. These include inborn defects of the brain and the…Read More

For The Children Of Khem

Free Download: Khemetic Spiritual Science Basic Info-Graphic.… In the Infographic discover a shocking connection to Christianity you would have NEVER thought possible! This video will clear up some basic misconceptions of the ancient African spiritual system of Khemet/Egypt For more knowledge and E-learning courses Go to This site is for those beginning their…Read More


The secret to health may be right beneath your feet. Most of us know that chronic inflammation causes illness. Did you know that grounding may have a powerful effect on the body’s inflammation response?   How to Make your own ground