The word “Soul” means “1” or  Solo …It belongs to you and you alone… DO NOT give it onto another being…Do not permanently rest it on any doctrine or religion… Ideologies, doctrines and religions (Re-Legends) are only stepping stones or rungs on a ladder…remember what Enock said?…”Behold, I see the ladder going up and down”… It’s also been said “we are the children of the Gods” hence when we grow up do we not become gods?… One can only become a god when they are fully grown in mind, body and soul, in other words, adults which is synonymous with adept… When the spirit moves away from the soul it moves into divisions, when it moves towards the soul it moves towards oneness or wholeness… Let us go forth onto the ladder of life so we may learn as much truth as possible, which is the path back to the Soul hence, when the bodies divide (die), our spirit will be in the best possible condition for the journey back to the Soul.

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