5 Steps to Raising ones Djed…

Perhaps the first and most important step to raising one’s Djed would be to clean up the body. Consider a very expensive high-end super-car that you must use as your daily driver.  When it’s new everything is great! We “Stig” (TopGear reference) around our hoods, with the smell of burnt rubber in the cabin…but deep down you know on many levels that you can not keep beating it up if this car is going to last. Our bodies are very similar in some respects and deserve so much more. The human body is an amazing piece of equipment, built on a phi base templet for perpetual sustainability. Evidence of that is the constant efforts the body makes to auto repair and maintain its self. So, it would be prudent to do everything in our power to give it a helping hand…

In order of importance, let’s take a closer look at the basics; fuels and maintenance.

1. AIR

Also known as Prana, without it, you have 5 minutes max, you will die.


Without this wonderful elixir, we have 3 or so days. Plus it holds amazing potential for self-programming.


Without? we can last maybe 2 to 3 weeks.


Long ago my sifu (martial arts teacher) once told me; “One of the reasons four-legged creatures don’t get cancers as often is that their organs hang like fruit and swing in the breeze and because human’s organs are stacked on top of each other, compound this with a sedentary lifestyle, they will start to rot”. Not a pleasant thought but, I understood exactly what he meant…Movement, walking, Jogging, stretching, does not matter…just keep moving. And remember what they say about “A rolling Stone?…


If you are like most of us you probably at one time or the other have dumped crap into your system? So, After you get your Breathing, Water, Food and exercise under control also consider some cleaning/detoxification…Why?…Because every once in a while you have to clean those old french fries out from between your seats and vacuum the carpets.

let’s dive in…




Establishing a Permaculture Based Food Forest



Complete internal cleansing solutions with a primary focus on the organs.