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The Wes Penre Papers

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The Fifth Level of Learning



I. When We Thought It Was All Over…

I know what you’ll think! At first, I was determined there were only going to be two levels of learning—that should be more than enough to cover everything. However, it didn’t take long before I realized that I had put the foot in my mouth—a third level was absolutely necessary in order to make total sense of what I’d been sharing with the readers that far. After that, it was of course inevitable not to publish a fourth level as well—it just fell naturally. Nevertheless, after that we were done—I thought.
It was not that I wanted it to be done—I have loved every moment of this research, and even more so to share it with my readers, and truthfully, I never wanted it to stop. My concern has been that there is too much for a reader to plow through—thousands of pages. Then one day I happened to glance at Val Valerian’s Matrix Series, in which his books were sometimes 800 to 1,000 pages long, and I thought, if he could do it without hesitation, so can I. After all, I have never heard anybody complain about the huge number of pages I, or Valerian, have written—quite the opposite.
Therefore, I decided to publish the “First Level of Learning” as well, rather than compressing the levels I’d already written and squeeze Level V in there at the end. In other words, I decided to let it remain as it was, and add this last level of learning to the series. This time, however, it is definite! You, the reader, will notice that I am serious about it when you approach the end of this level—you will see that everything comes full circle. All I’ve shared, from Level I to Level V, will make total sense, and where solid evidence and proof is concerned andwere missing in some instances because I couldn’t reveal them at the time, will now be published as well, and everything I wanted to accomplish with the Wes Penre Papers have been accomplished.
I hope that the reader will find this Fifth Level of Learning be at least as educational as the previous ones. Not only because they put all the pieces and the loose ends together, but also because what is revealed in here is highly spiritual information that requires the reader’s full attention in order to be totally understood. Albeit these scriptures are about our history, this is also our present and our future that I’m writing about.
The Wes Penre Papers || The Fifth Level of Learning
The Vedic Texts
Just don’t fall into the trap, thinking that this is the ultimate truth, and then stop exploring. I honestly don’t think you will, but I still need to point it out, so that you know my innermost intentions for creating this massive piece of work. Play with it—this is all yours to work with to the best of your ability. Surprise the oppressors, and make it as fun as possible—a light attitude, even toward the darkest parts of the story, is the way to go. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take it seriously, but keeping the spirit up will definitely help mankind toward and evolving to a point where most of us can see thing for what and where they are and get out of the trap—having a light attitude in combination with this knowledge is the absolute best weapon we have against our oppressors—of that I am totally convinced. Do that, and we are already on your way to defeat the Alien Invader Force (AIF). I have always had this inner conviction that gaining knowledge, together with being of high spirit, are the two main traits we need to use and develop.
The AIF has always considered us being an unpredictable species, and this has been their great dilemma—they never seem to know where we’re at. We have a tendency to change direction at any time, in any second, and do something totally unpredictable. This is, and will be, our great strength, and a life saver! For example, I seriously doubt that Lord Ea1 and his cohort had expected that this information would come out now. I don’t think he thought that the knowledge he has given to his own private Elite over the millennia would be understood by a larger and larger group of “lulus,” but it has, and now it’s too late—the cat is out of the bag!

The Fifth Level of Learning by Wes Penre

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