Ty’s Conscious Kitchen

Ty’s Conscious Kitchen

Tyrone Pendland II, chef and creator of Ty’s Conscious Kitchen, learned to cook at an early age by watching his father in the kitchen. Although his mother had an early transition, he still remembers how good her buttered toast with jelly was.

Ty routinely prepared his own meals while growing up and his inherited appreciation for flavorful foods inspired his love for cooking. Anything that Ty prepared was always delicious to those he shared with and is especially true for his now family of six.

Most recently, after discovering Dr. Sebi and learning of his African Bio Mineral Balance methodology, Ty realized everything he thought he knew about food was inconsistent with how our bodies needed to function and be healthy. Ty chose to detoxify and follow the Sebian lifestyle; however the available recipe options left something to be desired by him and others struggling to leave the western diet behind.

Ty has since combined his passion for good food and cooking with the recommended items found on Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide. He now shares the Alkaline Electric Recipes he creates on this website and also teaches others how to prepare each meal, step by step, on his YouTube channel.

Ty removes the guesswork for those choosing to transition to an alkaline vegan or Alkaline Electric lifestyle and enjoys preparing some of the most familiar foods that many feel they can’t do without, like pizzas, burgers, spring rolls and desserts.

As a convenience he also offers over 116 recipes across three volumes of his cookbooks: “Alkaline Electric Recipes from Ty’s Conscious Kitchen” with even more recipes on his YouTube* channel.

*Recipes in his Vol. 3 cookbook that are not yet covered in a tutorial will be demonstrated in an upcoming video by Ty, so be sure to subscribe for updates!

Source: About – Ty’s Conscious Kitchen