The Nommo And The Dogon

The Nommo And The  Dogon

The Dogon people are an ethnic group inhabiting the Bandiagara Plateau in Mali, West Africa. They are renowned for their rich and complex cosmogonic beliefs, which center around the Nommo, amphibious fish-like beings who play a pivotal role in their creation story.

The Nommo:

Described as hermaphroditic creatures with human torsos and fish tails, the Nommo are believed to have emerged from the Milky Way, specifically a star system associated with Sirius B, a white dwarf star invisible to the naked eye.
According to Dogon mythology, the Nommo brought knowledge and skills to humanity, teaching them agriculture, metalworking, and the (organization of society). They are also credited with introducing rituals and ceremonies, as well as language and artistic expression. The Dogon believe the Nommo reside in the waters of the earth, returning to their celestial home every 50 years during a major ritual known as the Sigui.

The Nommo remain central to Dogon religion and culture. They are venerated through rituals, dances, and masks, and their teachings continue to guide the Dogon way of life. Their creation story offers a unique perspective on the origins of humanity and our relationship with the universe, making the Dogon people and their belief system a fascinating subject of study for anthropologists, astronomers, and anyone interested in the diversity of human cultures and belief systems.

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