Healing is Voltage

Healing is Voltage

All chronic disease is caused by the body’s inability to make new cells that work. All you need to remain young and healthy is sufficient cellular voltage for creating new cells and the raw materials to make new cells that are healthy: amino acids, fats, minerals, glucose, vitamins and minerals in proper amounts.

pH means voltage in liquids. Potential hydrogen (pH) is an electronic term defined as the logarithm of -400 millivolts (pH 14 alkaline = electron donor = anti-oxidant) to +400 millivolts (pH 0, acidic = electron stealer = oxidant)

In cellular biology, the cellular range of pH 7.35 (-20 millivolts) to pH 7.45 (-25 millivolts) is normal. To make a new cell (healing) requires -50 millivolts. Cancer occurs at +30 millivolts.

As cellular voltage drops, cellular oxygen levels drop, because the pH of water (voltage) determines how much dissolved oxygen it can hold, regardless of the amount of oxygen available !!

The mitochondria in our cells are where energy is produced. They are basically a rechargeable battery, where uncharged ADP becomes charged ATP through a process called the Krebs Cycle. 1 fat molecule creates 48 ATP, but in lack of oxygen, it makes only 2 ATP, resulting in you feeling tired and sluggish. ATP is the rechargeable battery used in enzymatic functions.

Also, in a low oxygen environment, the microbes in your body wake up and start releasing digestive enzymes to digest nearby cells. These mycotoxins can affect other areas of body once they enter the bloodstream. This occurs wherever you have low voltage.

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