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What Does It Mean to Be in Your Prime? – Stand Together

What does it mean to be in your “prime”? Healthy, determined, successful, educated, strong – all these words come to mind. For many, though, it’s a constant struggle to find their prime, or even imagine it.

At Stand Together, we believe everyone has the gifts, talents, and potential to find their prime. But, many face nearly impassable barriers along the way. From a struggle with addiction, a criminal record and the stigma that comes with it, to a broken family, crippling debt, and lack of access to education – these obstacles stand in the way of men, women, and children finding their prime.

That’s why we’re partnering with Deion Sanders, widely known as “Prime Time,” to help individuals in Dallas facing the greatest barriers to success find their prime not just today, but for life. Prime 5 is an initiative of Stand Together to help revitalize the Dallas community and help those hit hardest by poverty improve their lives.

A man committed to serving and investing in others, Deion Sanders sets an example of community leadership and personal transformation.


Source: What Does It Mean to Be in Your Prime? – Stand Together

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