How Well Do You See Color?

You might be able to see more colors than most people (but probably not). Your eye probably has three cones, which are structures that allow the eye to collect information about color and transmit it to the brain. If you’re colorblind, you’ve only got two cones, and as a result, you see fewer differences between certain…Read More

NEWS – Viola Extracts

  Retired NBA player Al Harrington takes us behind the doors of his cannabis extract company, then sits down with former NBA commissioner David Stern to discuss marijuana reformation for medical purposes within the league.   Source: NEWS – Viola Extracts

Golden Ratio Spiral the Breath of Brahma

  The Golden Spiral:a Key To Understanding Energy in NatureAll creation is the interweaving of cycles. From Galactic manifestation to subatomic waves, the universe is a vast spectrum of cycles. The cycles of birth and death, summer and winter, day and night, in-breath and out-breath weave the fabric of life. The ancient rishis (Yogi’s who…Read More